We Do The Ska


all we do is waste our time
at least if you ask our neighbors
you never see we inna factory line
or sitting and pushing paper
we do the ska
yeah we ska
and ska is all we need
headed for the big big time
ready to face our vultures
signing on the dotted line
designing to raise our culture
we do the ska
the thicker the lumber, the stronger the beam
the deeper the water, the cooler the stream
now rudie come lately all over the scene
trading the black and white for green
because he don’t know what it mean
we do the ska
no voice from the tower can tell me what’s real
you bring your own honor, so honor the real deal
yes they would take you to the moon
if you would only change your tune
waving the mighty dollar sign
they bait and hook their bottom line
but now we say goodbye to greed
because we life is sowing seed
so Red Stripe and collie weed, yeah
and ska is all we need, yeah we ska
we do the ska